About Alexis

My name is Alexis Tinsley...

I started out as a preschool teacher in Washington, DC. During my first year, I was asked to become our NAEYC Coordinator. I learned all criteria, created systems for documentation, trained the Director and faculty, and went on to lead our school to successful accreditation two times.

When a new Head Start program opened in my area, I helped them establish policies and curriculum goals, providing both intellectual and practical supports.

After teaching for nine years, I took on my first directing job at a small preschool on Capital Hill. In my three years there, I expanded the school to include a second licensed site, wrote a curriculum guide, created policies, improved fundraising, updated all marketing, and increased community engagement.

I have traveled to Reggio Emilia, Italy twice with pedagogical study groups where I attended lectures by pedagogistas, ataliaristas, and the President of Reggio Children. I observed classrooms and toured the exhibits in the Mallaguzzi Center, bringing back a deeper understanding of social constructivist teaching, project work, and the importance of intentionality in early childhood education.

I have served as the ECE Director at several schools where I have: streamlined business processes, increasing efficiency and ease of use for both families and staff; written and implemented sustainable and practical policies; built strong relationships with staff and families; provided direct supervision, individual guidance, and high quality professional development to elevate faculty and staff performance; increased support for and inclusion of children with special needs; increased and restructured program offerings to expand community engagement; managed regulatory requirements and obtained state licenses; directed facilities improvements, hired staff to meet organizational needs; enhanced fundraising efforts; and restructured the budget, enabling accurate financial planning, tracking and management.

Now, I am starting a new chapter in my career as I work to bring my skills and success to you. For more detail about my experience, see My Resume.

I can't wait to collaborate with you and to help you achieve your Vision!