Alexis “was tremendously helpful in redoing our Parent and Employee Handbooks [and] our Covid addendum … She reviewed what we had, and even researched our local licensing … regs to be sure we were in compliance with anything new or that we may have missed. She’s a former school director herself so she’s very familiar with every issue that’s addressed in our handbooks. Her rates are reasonable and … she did a great job for us.” – Tripp Crouch, President, Children’s Nest Day School, Tampa, Florida

"It was my pleasure to work with Alexis! Her organizational skills are impressive and I greatly admire her attention to detail and ability to manage stressful situations while maintaining grace and professionalism. Alexis also has deep and broad knowledge about all things early childhood— from pedagogical best practices to licensing requirements. My favorite part about working with Alexis is her warm personality and can-do attitude. She’s an invaluable addition to any team!" - Pavy, Board member

"Your hard work and amazing spirit infuses the classroom and the curriculum every day. Thank you! " - Parent

“I think you're a GREAT boss, and I was lucky to work with you. Thank you for caring so deeply. You created really meaningful growth opportunities, and your eternal belief in every kid was inspiring. I just think you're the tops.” - Jessica, Faculty member

"You were so invested in our kids, in the school and in us. It is so appreciated and will be for years to come." - Parent

“Alexis is confident, personable and articulate. She is organized in her thoughts and actions. She is very creative and solution-oriented. She has a longstanding and profound passion for the Early Childhood Education field.” - Lesley, Faculty member

“I have been blown away, over and over, by how committed you are, how hard you work, and how willing you are to do anything that needs to be done to serve the school, community and kids." - Matt, Board Member