Administrative Tasks

It all has to get done...

My father once told me that if the plumbing in a building works, no one notices, but if it's broken everyone notices and nothing else matters. Keeping the plumbing working, therefore, is essential for success. In our case, there is the actual plumbing and then there are the many other behind the scenes operational pieces that no one sees, but which are fundamental to our functioning.

When I first started directing, it was just my two teachers and me. I had to do all of the administrative tasks myself:

  • Ordering supplies

  • Licensing

  • Admissions

  • Marketing

  • You name it, I did it... and now I can help you do it too.

This is the busy work that takes your time and focus away from real work of vision and relationships. Tell me what you need and I can take these administrative pieces off your plate so you have time for the rest.